15kW Generac Air Cooled WiFi EcoGen Off Grid Standby Generator | 7163

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15kW Generac EcoGen Generator

The 15,000-Watt EcoGen Generator for Alternative Energy and Off-Grid Energy Systems. Whether the off-grid lifestyle is a choice or a necessity, you are responsible for producing the energy you consume – even when there’s no sun or wind. Ensure you never have dead batteries with the Generac EcoGen–the only automatic standby generator designed and warrantied specifically for off-grid use with an alternative energy system.


Mobile Link Remote Monitoring. Allows you to monitor the status of your generator from anywhere in the world using a smartphone, tablet, or PC, for FREE. Easily access information, such as the current operating status and maintenance alerts. Connect your account to your authorized service dealer for fast, friendly and proactive service.

The cleanest running, low emissions solution to recharging your home’s batteries. The Ecogen is designed to work with off-grid renewable energy applications, the first generator intended for alternative energy. Tie into the inverter and battery storage system to supplement the alternative energy source.

Extended Run Capability This innovative oil circulation system extends the maintenance period by an unprecedented 5 times the industry standard by offering 500-hour maintenance intervals.

True Power Electrical Technology: Superior harmonics and sine wave form produce less than 5% Total Harmonic Distortion for utility quality power. Perfect for sensitive electronic equipment and micro-chip based appliances including variable speed HVAC systems.

Solid State, Frequency Compensated Voltage Regulation: This state-of-the-art power maximizing regulation system is standard on all Generac models. It provides optimized fast response to changing load conditions and maximum motor starting capability by electronically torque-matching the surge loads to the engine. Digital voltage regulation at +/- 1 %

24/7•365 Customer Support Team standing by all day, every day from their headquarters in Wisconsin to answer any questions you might have.

Generac's G-Force engine lineup offers added peace of mind and reliability for when you need it the most. The G-Force series engines are purpose built and designed to handle the rigors of extended run times in high temperatures and extreme conditions

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