Champion 12.5kW Home Standby Generator | 100136

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Champion 12.5kW Home Generator

The 100136 Champion Power Equipment Home Standby 12.5kw Generator handles your entire home’s electrical needs including refrigerators, freezers, sump pumps, lights, furnace and air conditioning, computers, security systems, televisions, and much more with backup power during an outage.

Home represents security, health, convenience, and safety—principles all homeowners hold dear. Don’t put these ideals at risk. Every year, millions of homeowners go without power during extended power outages that last hours, days, even weeks. No power means no lights, heating or air conditioning. The Internet doesn’t work. Food spoils in refrigerators and freezers. A day or two without power can cost thousands in repairs and irreplaceable lost heirlooms, treasures, and memories. A 100136 Champion 12.5kW Standby Generator can change everything during an outage.

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