DuroMax 12000 Watt / Max 15000 Watt Portable Generator Dual Fuel Hybrid Electric Start | XP15000EH

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DuroMax XP15000EH

The DuroMax XP15000EH with Keyed Electric Start is a 12000 Watt / 15000 Watts Max Portable Generator. Dual Fuel capability allows the 15000 Watt Generator to operate on either gasoline or LP propane.

A full featured power panel includes all circuit breakers and controls including keyed off/on/start, voltage meter, low oil sensor light, idle control switch, and charging indicator.

EPA and CARB compliant emissions—for sale in all 50 states. Environmentally friendly DuroMax XP15000EH generators follow stringent guidelines to protect our natural resources. Includes LP Propane hose with regulator, maintenance and assembly tools, owner manual, and wheel kit.

DuroMax 12000 Watt / Max 15000 Watt Dual Fuel Generator


Starting Watts*

15,000 Watts

14,250 Watts

Running Watts

12,000 Watts

11,400 Watts

Starting Amps* – 240 Volts

62.5 Amps

59.4 Amps

Starting Amps* – 120 Volts

125 Amps

118.75 Amps

Running Amps 240 Volts

50 Amps

47.5 Amps

Running Amps 120 Volts

100 Amps

95 Amps

*Starting Watts or Amps is a momentary surge of power for a few seconds typically used to start electric motors.

Duromax 15000 Watt Generator

The Duromax 15000 Watt Generator easily powers 120-Volt and 240-Volt loads through multiple outlets. Connect to a manual transfer switch inlet box for home backup through the 30-amp or 50-amp receptacles or hook up the RV to power air conditioners, fridge, and more. Plenty of power for multiple jobsite tools and equipment.

Control Panel Receptacle



5-20R GFCI Household (2)

120 Volts

20 Amps

L5-30R Twist Lock

120 Volts

30 Amps

L14-30R Twist Lock

120/240 Volts

30 Amps


120/240 Volts

50 Amps

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